PDM Fıllıng Machınery Ltd. Co.

PDM Ltd. Co. is a Turkish manufacturing company, which is founded 2010, incorporating more than 20 years of experience within the dairy and food processing industry. PDM is an order-producing Company making filling and sealing machines as well as complete dairy plants for markets worldwide..

PDM produces several well-known ranges of filling and sealing machines for use in highly efficient production lines by customers throughout the world. PDM filling and sealing machines are equipped with specialized filling systems for the filling of liquid and semi-liquid products, For example the following can be filled: natural and fruit yoghurts, yoghurts with granola, cream, sour cream, soups and sauce pastes, dressings, mayonnaise, mustard, butter, margarine, honey, jams, pastes, cosmetic creams, jelly,… into pre-formed cups.